The Substance of Things Not Seen

by The Dead Revolt

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released September 24, 2010



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The Dead Revolt Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Appetizer
Track Name: Bird's Eye Rot
Wasted time took time to realize
All the wounds I had to heal
Faintly cold and trying to stay alive
All these spirits are real
This is what we’re waiting for
Something but what’s in store
Should have known from what this world has shown
I keep forgetting to breath
Deaths so close I think I’ll overdose
Regrets are all I've released
This is what we're waiting for
Something but what's in store
Almost time there’s only minutes left
Win or lose its all a bet
Think in time that you will clean my mess
Ignorance is happiness
This is what we're waiting for
Something but what's in store
Track Name: Wearing Saris
I crave the skin that lets me know
When you taste so orange and empty
I long to hold your fabric close
Open your legs but please don’t deceive me
I never held you in the sun
Realize it’s not just a fantasy
Don’t you remind me that were done
Open your eyes and you’ll see what I see
We radiate ourselves
To leave this living hell
Exterminate the pain
And let your body rain
Tonight’s the night we dine
Resuscitate the wine
Defy the ancient ways
And pray the moment stays
A supernova in your eyes
Take me to bed and say you won’t leave me
There’s no emotion in disguise
It’s all in my head but still you believed me
Track Name: The Grand Design
Your gonna get your self angry baby
Your gonna find out why I’m so calm
We're gonna have us some fun tonight
I gotta get me a ticket baby
Cause I think Ill be moving on
Cause your love is a suicide
This is not what I intended
This is not my world
You are not who I befriended
I gotta get you a sit-in bab
I gotta make it all worth my while
I’m gonna make you a memory
You’ll never know when it’s coming baby
I’m gonna make it so hard to breath
Better drop down to your knees
This is not what I intended
This is not my world
You are not who I befriended
Everybody seems to be in charge, but what I say goes
Don’t let another man take you away
You were the light of my life, and god only knows
You let another man take you away
Come on pretty mama, tell me in your head
Wait until the morning and linger
Come on pretty baby, lets go out instead
Wish me luck in all my endeavors because I have to leave
Carry on I hope you have fun
You kept the pieces you severed but I kept the greed
Carry on I hope you have fun
Come on pretty mama, tell me in your head
Wait until tomorrow and linger
Come on pretty baby, lets go out instead
Track Name: Vulpecula/Lunar Mare
I crawled inside your mind just so I could show you mine
I built an inner sun to show you what I planted
Chasing out all the doubt you had
Finding out all about you
I sewed your senses shut to show you things that you forgot
I sealed the path you took to show you how to look through the window
Waist in deep learn to reap the sewn
Take the leap to the unknown
I’m going home, nobody knows
Keep drooling let the saliva fall in your eyes
Eat sewage. Regurgitate you before you die
I’ve seen the meek and hide behind the ceded wall
I’ve seen the shore and tide practicing its fall
I’ve seen the caged deprived battle with their fists
I’ve seen the youth survive and cutting at their wrists
I have the bluest skies to help me with my hate
I have a million lives but none control my fate
I’ve pictured all my friends old and underpaid
I’ve meditated twice while the world decays
Track Name: Walk-ins and Wanderers
Take a look around you
It’s in the air and in their eyes
A shock, a sting, it burns me
Happy now that you were right
Third party anecdotes
Don’t help they just assess our lives
Open, closed it’s up to you
You hold the power without lines
There’s an answer people look but they don’t see
Heavy dancer always here but not with me
I saw abstinence I saw loneliness
I saw everything I want but I know I can’t have
It screams abstinence it screams loneliness
It screams everything I have but I wish I didn’t have
Track Name: The Eternal Tortoise
Track Name: Mar Iguana
Don’t say nothing, tell me that you’re not afraid
Play me something, show me that life’s but a game
Going nowhere, what light have thou not received?
Point but don’t stare, have my own eyes been deceived?
Green in nature, balanced between you and me
There’s no danger….not what the people believe
Colors forming, is this what you had in mind?
Brain is storming, cry out the red from your eyesI’ve seen it all before
And still I wanted more
My mind is inside out
That’s what it’s all about
Helpless in the morning when my eyes won’t open wide
Shelter by the sun is the one place I can’t hide
Destiny is what we seek we pray to God to help the weak but no one speaks their tongues
Then there’s a pardon in your lungs
Hey you, by the window won’t you help me calm my nerves
Say you, lonely widow it’s the life that you deserved
When the day decides to fade and loses all control of hate and no one seems to care
Then there’s a moment of despair